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Last Updated: 2022-09-23 Current Version: 0.39
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When searching for a game, it looks like there are a lot of them. This is far from truth, I always fall into the same 5 games, it gets quite repetitive. In addittion, the lack of squad mode (like in fall guys) makes it quite tedious for playing with friends. I always have to wait for my friends to finish in order to play again after being eliminated. That would improve a lot the game experience!


This game is great and I have a lot of fun playing with friends. A thing that I think could be improved on in the next season though is the rewards system, it's really hard to earn enough gems or tokens to win a skin unless you just watch ads. There should be things like quests and challenges to win rewards in my opinion, other than that I'm really happy with Stumble Guys. (Edit) They need to remove the punching emote because it makes the game completely unfair for those who can't get it.


It was a fun game. The skins was cute and creative, i love the skins. And the dance, the footsteps, the emotes, all of it. But there's a bug, so when i wan't to make room, it stuck on the loadings, even though my internet was stabil, it just keep going, so i restart the app, sometimes it work sometimes don't. But overall it was a good game. Fix the bugs.. Thankyou :)

Stumble Guys is the multiplayer royale game brought by the Kitka Games, and it is packed with actions and casual gameplay. The game takes you to a party with knockout gameplay with 32 players featuring. So many levels and rounds are here, filled with obstacles and chaos until the game keeps one winner remaining. Until then, there is an endless run. 

Knockout Battle Royale System
The gameplay on Stumble Guys makes players run continuously, and if you fall, you can start over again by getting up. So many levels are here to pass; they all have to be strategically passed, jumped, and run to escape the chaos. The entire running path is filled with many challenges, which must all be overcome by the players.

If a player has an urge to get rid of this chaos soon, they can even knock down other players. So it is taking you through a so much fun running adventure, and you will dash, run and slide your other players with an endless funny running adventure. The LDPlayer 9 here will offer you the supreme features to increase the fun of this running.

Wiping Out and Run
Multiple strategies will have to be used to win the game and be the last player from your levels, and one of them is wiping others. And knocking out all your foes is something you should definitely do, and becoming the greatest champion is all up to you. If running makes no chance for you, you will jump and run until you are the last.

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