Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

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This game is great. Really let's the player be immersive in building their own city and battling others. Though you have to understand that most things on this game is alliance based meaning a lot of team work will be needed to complete certain things. There are a little changes I would like to see like different color options for markers on the map. The ability to take notes if need be and to be able to organize things a bit better like the commanders. The time thing needs to be reduced.


About a week and a half into the game and it's fun. Also very pleased with the fact that you can do perfectly okay without ever making a purchase. They do help a lot but you get plenty of the needed items through normal play, and the game does not annoy you into making a purchase. My only complaint is that the UI for the team chat is really bad and needs tuning. It doesn't use my phone default and My keys are spaced weirdly, and the input box covers up previous messages. Chatting is difficult


This is possibly the most complicated and nuanced game. The learning curve is steep but the dimensions of strategy, tactics, thrilling battle, and human interaction makes it worth the investment. The developers continually tweak the game (for better and worse) and expand the number of mini-games.

Run Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade on PC

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is the Lilith game’s strategy game. It will carry out the best world civilizations in Egypt to make players a leader for their civilization. This is the game delivered for the players who are in love to take the domination of their own civilization from a casual and idle aspect. It is about conquering the kingdom with help from historical commanders like Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar.

New Heroes, Civilizations, and Real Life Warfare

Players are the author of their civilization's history, and they can either form epic wars to conquer the world or stand up as a leader to become renowned for sagacity. There will be two options to choose from, to help people of your own or explore the things you don’t know yet.
There are 11 unique civilizations to choose from, and players will have to guide them toward the great power. LDPlayer 9 will offer the most optimized features to improve the gaming experience of the Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade.

Uninterrupted Movements with an Alliance System

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade offers unlimited strategic possibilities for the players, and they can order their troops at any time. Since there are multiple commanders available in the game, every commander can be split with forces, so there is an opportunity to engage in several actions at once. A new alliance system in the Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade will help you chat, help each other, expand the territory, and strengthen the position by working together towards achievements.

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