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Last Updated: 2022-08-12 Current Version: 2.92.1
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I playing from two years . FF is my favourite Battle royal game . But at now they are changing old things like new maps , from my point of view that is not a good thing. Because we love playing in old maps and we have better experience in it. so I suggest instead focus on new maps . FF try to improve glitches and lagging problem , connection errors. At the end the I want to say . FF love you ❤️ forever


The game is great. Have been at it since last 5 years. But today after the update I lost my settings preset. Ok fine thought it was a glitch update, reset all my settings manually and closed the game. But now as soon as I open the game again all my setting is lost. Please do something about this glitch. It's irritating. Iam not able to access my old settings from cloud too. It shows that setting preset has been changed. But no it hasn't. Please do somthing about this.


Focus on improving the game and fixing the bugs and fake damage glitches instead of bringing new events. There's no need to bring back the old items that were only possessed by old players. What's the point of spending money on the game when you know that the items will return after few months/years at a cheaper cost and then eventually be given for free!! 👎👎👎

Garena Free Fire is the most famous survival shooting game released by the developer Garena, and it is also identified as the Free Fire. This is a battle royale game that has been designed to make players become the last survivor. For the players looking into a game that is full of non-excepting and thrilling, this game is filled with both of them to make you amazed.

Compelling Survival Shooter Gameplay
Garena Free Fire holds the most stylist battles in the game, where the players will be put on the remote island. Players from here will have to fight against 49 other opponents, and the game will only offer you 10 minutes to be the best shooter you can be. The battlefield has to be handled strategically with the best moves, and when you read to fight, the best weapons will have to be utilized to show the best performance at the opponents.

Every 10 minutes, the game will pop up a new survivor, and having the best strategies utilized in the gameplay is the only way to win. For more optimizations for the battlefield, you can utilize the LDPlayer 9 with the best optimizations.

Survival Shooting at its Best Realistic View
The gameplay is fast and lite, and a player needs to stay in their play zone and do everything to loot their enemies as it is the only way to survive as the last. Players will be able to manage their economy, make a squad, lead them and have proper communication in a 4v4 game mode to beat the enemies out of the battle.

The survival experience in this game has been entirely raised with the smoothest graphics, controls, and easiest movements, so the players who try to have the best experience from the game can have it with the optimum features. Everything has a realistic view here so you will enjoy the game from your best view.

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