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Last Updated: 2022-09-01 Current Version: 2.6.102
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I absolutely love cookie run kingdom! The game is so fun! A few problems though, sometimes the game would kick me out for no reason, it also lags sometimes, and it freezing up. The reason I'm giving it 5 stars is because how much I love the game but the problems are really irritating and annoying but other than that fun game!


The story, the art, the characters...all of it is phenomenal. Kudos to the devs for making an amazing game. The graphics and fps are also smooth, and my game rarely crashes. This game has only been out for a little over a year, but it is and remains one of my favorites. One thing that I would want changed is the topping upgrading system, but other than that I am proud to give 5 stars. P.S. For y'all who complain about your game crashing, lagging,'s your device. Get a better device.


This is a really fun game, with a lot of cool character designs, unique battles, and it's great to play with friends! However, there are some things that can be changed... like how easily players with a lower power to yourself can beat you. I have also had a problem with a certain event, in the Lunar Dice. I managed to get onto the super board, and should have received 10 soul stones for the new Black Pearl Cookie, but I have not, so that is also a problem.

Devsisters Corporation’s most popular RPG title is the Cookie Run: Kingdom, and it makes players build their kingdom with cookies. There will be several festivals and also exploring what happens in an adventurous world here. The game is putting up players to have several roles, make them command their squad made out of cookies and have the best skill by only having a few taps.

Squad Made out of Cookies

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, the entire squad is made out of tiny cookies, and they come with epic skills. They also have several costumes to wear, and the new cookie kingdom will be built with the squad formation with cookies like Clover, Custard and Coffee cookies and many more. They must escape from the Witch’s oven and build a whole new kingdom.

The squad has to be commanded by the players. And they all have to be led in battles until they achieve a victory. The best opportunity and advancements for all these battles can be acquired by LDPlayer 9.

Build a Kingdom and Battle until you Win

Several decors are available in the game to build up a unique kingdom, and there you have to craft items, produce some materials, and do many other activities to build up the most colorful kingdom ever existed. And the entire cookie squad will then lead to finding more toppings and treasures. The cookie alliance, kingdom arena, guild battles, and super mayhem game modes are available here to mark a victory by battling. Be victorious with the best formation of cookies.

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